Vapor Genie – The Uwell caliburn E Juice Pod Review

The VapeCiga Uwell Caliburn Juice Fountain is an advanced electronic product that is just the right solution for needing all of the room of a big bulky fridge. It essentially has a wide open space to place two separate glass containers of your favourite beverage or juice. No longer having to open those big bulky plastic bottles to take a sweet sip. This unit not only keeps your beverages cold but they stay fresher longer. You can easily keep your favourite juice in a glass jar with these appliances. In fact you can even place the glass jars in the freezer to make ice cubes that will keep your drinks chilled and ready to drink whenever you desire.

You have an option of two types of Vaporizers from this wonderful brand, the Uwell Cloud Vaporizer and the Uwell Caliburn Vaporizer. The Uwell Cloud is made up of a single stainless steel plate that is lined with a soft fabric cover to prevent damage from temperature fluctuations. This vaporizer runs on a 12 volt AC adapter. The Uwell Caliburn consists of two stainless steel plates that are lined with soft fabric cover to prevent damage from temperature fluctuations as well. This vaporizer runs on a 12 volt AC adapter.

These vaporizers from VapeCiga are very efficient and clean because they run on two stages. This makes it a powerful unit because it utilizes a larger heat sink than older vaporizers. One of the best parts of these newer devices is the easy to follow instructions that come with them. They walk you through every step of the process from start to finish. These vapors actually stay fresher longer than old-fashioned refrigerators because they maintain a constant temperature.

The Uwell Caliburn vaporizers work great with any e liquidizer or even with herbal supplements and coffee. You can enjoy your favorite flavors all day long without worrying about getting burnt out. The coils used are very small and yield very little residual flavor, so you get the closest taste possible without having to worry about the coils burning out.

When you first purchase your Uwell Caliburn, you will notice that there are two methods for inserting your batteries. You can either go through the metal tube which takes about two minutes, or you can go through the plastic sleeve which, thankfully, only takes a minute. I opted for the plastic sleeve since it seemed to be the easiest way to go.

The vaporizer looks like a sleek and modern looking pen. To me it looks just like an ordinary pen, and you can tell that it is not really going to look like that when you get it home. The Uwell Caliburn has two individual compartments for your e juice pods, and an additional compartment on the bottom for a battery indicator pod. One of the most unique features of the well is its temperature control. You can choose between seven different settings which correspond to the herbal levels of these liquid.

If you are someone who appreciates good quality battery life, then you will definitely want to consider the ability of the Uwell caliber to give you up to five hours of battery life. This is far longer than any other of juice pod on the market today. The high quality battery means that you do not have to constantly re-fill your bottles, and you can enjoy the delicious flavors without any concerns about running out of e juice.

The final thing that I found interesting was that there are a couple of screws on the bottom that lock the stainless steel coil in place. This is a very nice feature that enables you to maximize the longevity of the coil. The coils on the original Vaping Cannabars are all standard sized, but if you’re using the Uwell Caliburn you should take note that there is a smaller coil size. This means that it will work with your new Pod far better than the standard sized coils. The results of this extra durability are evident when you notice that the coil will last twice as long as the original product.