House Training Shiba Inu Puppies

Inu is a breed of large white dog from Shiba in Japan. It was formerly known as the White Russian. Inu dogs were brought to America by the Japanese and became a popular pet. They are gentle with children and other animals. The Shiba Inu has a long back with a square head. The head is quite often blue and floppy with a slight blue tint to it.

House of Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu dogs are relatively expensive, but are highly intelligent dogs. They are very trainable and are eager learners. These dogs need plenty of exercise, so a house is necessary. They have a high prey drive. That means they will search for their own food.

The American Kennel Club classifies Shiba Inu as a “toy breed”. This is because they will chase small animals that approach too closely. The American Kennel Club does not approve of Shiba Inu dogs being used for hunting. This is because they are a danger to deer. Deer will try to steer clear of these dogs.

The Shiba Inu is a friendly breed. When starting out this type of dog should be socialized with other animals. House training should begin at an early age. These dogs will respond well to positive reinforcement. They will do best in a home where a family unit consists of parents, mother, and father.

The Shiba Inu dogs have an average of thirty-three pounds. They are vigorous and active little dogs. They are good climbers and good swimmers. These dogs will jump up when excited or happy. However, they will do better in a house where there are more physical activities like jogging or running.

The Shiba Inu dog is average in its shedding. These dogs are usually allergies to fleas and so will grow less hair as the dog ages. Their coat may become curly and silky when the dogs get older. They are not very active when not in their homes. So this makes them pretty much a couch potato.

House of Shiba Inu dogs need a lot of exercise. This breed does not do well if it stays in just one place throughout the day. They want to go for walks and chase after things. They are also very suspicious of strangers. If you keep your Shiba Inu in just one room it will become shy.

There are other breeds of dogs that can be house trained. They are the Alsatians, the Cocker Spaniels, and the Pug. However, the House of Shiba Inu is still considered to be a highly desirable breed. It is said that these dogs were created specifically to fill the needs of the Japanese martial arts masters back then. No wonder they are still popular today.

If you are thinking about getting a house dog, look into the Shiba Inu first. This breed requires a lot of exercise and a lot of attention. This type of dog requires someone who is ready to devote a lot of time to your dog. These dogs are very independent and will need someone who will not only be responsible for looking after them but also their activities. They are very territorial and will require someone who is not easily startled.

Also, you should consider the grooming needs. The Shiba Inu has long, beautiful hair. It requires regular brushing and clips. Grooming should be done at least once a week, more if the dog is active.

Another thing to take into consideration is the shelter your puppy will be going to. There are some shelters that will not let puppies stay there. Others allow puppies to stay for only a few days. You should carefully research these details before bringing your new puppy home. Some shelters will only accept those dogs who have already been checked and verified as healthy. Other places will refuse to even take the dogs in.

Shiba Inus is great dogs for people who love animals. Their size makes them ideal companions for family members. This is a large breed, so don’t expect a house full of fur to come home with. However, the small size of this dog makes them very easy to care for. And when it comes to housebreaking, this little dog will get it.